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Twilight conversion is a popular editing technique in real estate photography. We take a photo of the exterior from your property shoot (usually from the morning or afternoon), and then with post-production editing (Photoshop) we convert it to look like it was taken at twilight or sunset. So do you need this for your property listing? It’s a great add-on if you really want your listing to stand out. We offer this service and recommend adding it if possible! Here is a before & after of what it looks like:

Why you might book a twilight conversion instead of just booking a shoot at actual twilight/sunset:

  • You want a quick turnaround. You might need to get your listing up quickly. In which case, it may be most efficient.
  • The weather is bad. Maybe it’s a cloudy week and you can’t wait around for good weather. Myrtle Beach has some amazing sunsets. But we also has some wild weather! If you can book a twilight shoot, that is ideal. But some sunsets are “blah” and maybe the forecast for the week is overcast. 
  • It costs less. Our twilight conversion costs less than booking an actual shoot at twilight. The real thing means an extra trip to your property.
  • It looks good enough to attract potential buyers. Twilight conversion does have a surreal look to it, but most people might not recognize it’s Photoshopped — especially when viewing it as a small thumbnail on Zillow.

We hope this helps you decide on whether to add twilight conversion when you book a package with us. In summary, we believe it’s a perfect add-on if you want your listing to stand out to potential buyers!